Social Media Boutiques versus Traditional Agencies

Social Media Boutiques versus Traditional Agencies

I recently read this interesting article on ‘How Social Media Boutiques are Winning Deals Over Traditional Digital Agencies’ by Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang).

What a breath of fresh air! At last some recognition of the fact that biggest isn’t always best! Slightly bias maybe, but there is a lot to be said for the dedicated, personal service you receive from boutique companies within the social media or for that matter digital industry as a whole.

With major companies tightening budgets it seems they are beginning to defer from the much larger ‘traditional’ agency in favour of more social focused boutique style companies offering specialist skills in social media marketing and management.

Sure small boutique style companies, such as ourselves can be flexible and adapt quickly to the needs of a client (not that we’re there to play lip service), but we can also take a clients existing marketing strategy and work towards the same goals.  Jeremiah is right when he says that ‘some’, and I’ll emphasis the word ‘some’, PR and Marcom agencies use social media as a bolt-on to their current client services; and we’ve seen this in action, without the understanding of what the social networks want to hear they forget the old adage of ‘2 ears and one mouth’ – social media strategies should be embedded alongside the existing marketing strategies and goals, and compliment them not replace them.

Boutique companies aren’t outdoing traditional agencies in the customer service stakes, from my view they’re offering additional value to both the customer (cost) and the bigger agency (as a partner). So in this evolving wave of specialist new media techniques, boutique is definitely an option well worth considering for service, expertise and cost!

Jeremiah sums it up so accurately; “Traditional agencies need to adopt specialist skills, or be forced to contend with options.”

Options in the form of Social Media Boutiques that is!
Watch out…. we’re here! :-)

You can read the full article by Jeremiah Owyang  here: ‘How Social Media Boutiques are Winning Deals Over Traditional Digital Agencies’

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